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Thinking about a first look? Wondering what a first look even IS?? Well don’t worry friend, I’ll tell you all about what a first look involves and whether or not it’s the right choice for you! 

First of all, a first look happens before the wedding ceremony takes place. You know those photos where the groom (or bride!) is seeing his bride for the first time walking down the aisle and he’s getting all teary and emotional?

Well that’s basically what a first look is, only more private and intimate without all the spectators! It’s a chance for your partner to see you for the first time in your formal wedding gear with no one else around and to share a quiet moment with each other before the ceremony starts and the craziness of the day gets going. 

It can be an incredibly beautiful and intimate moment, and of course your photographer will also be there to capture the emotions when you see one another for the first time that day in all your glory. 

So, know you know WHAT a first look is, the question remains: IS IT FOR YOU?

If you are someone who is maybe a little more traditional and you really want your partner to be seeing you for the first time when you’re walking down the aisle with your friends and family surrounding you, then maybe you wouldn’t want to do a first look. Which is totally fair!

But, if you’re thinking you would really like a few quiet and intimate moments with your partner before you start celebrating with everyone and the craziness of the day starts, then it can be a great idea! 

You can just take a few minutes to hold each other, say why you’re so excited to be marrying them, and just embrace the moment. It can be incredibly emotional, and you’ll get photos of the two of you together, whereas when you're walking down the aisle you may be a distance away. 

Another great reason to do a first look is to get wedding party photos out of the way first! After the ceremony usually all you want to do is celebrate with everyone and knock back some champagne, rather than trying to herd all your family members and people in your wedding party who may have already made their way over to the open bar. 

If you get the wedding party photos out of the way before the ceremony then all that’s left to do is to celebrate! Cut that cake, pop the champagne, and go straight into an evening of revelry and dancing. 

However, you shouldn’t feel pressured into doing a first look if that’s just not your style, it’s ok! The other thing about a first look is then you have to think about doing everything a little earlier in the day and make sure your timeline matches up with it, so if you don’t want that extra hassle and are happy to go traditional, then you do you, this is your wedding after all!

No matter what you decide, your photographer can still be there to capture your partner’s reaction whether it’s during a first look or walking down the aisle, and you’ll have beautiful memories to look back on either way.

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