What to wear for your Engagement Session!

I get this question A LOT for engagement and portrait sessions, “what do I wear??” Well friend, worry no more because I have some amazing tips coming atcha for what to wear to your next portrait session! 

1. The first and MOST IMPORTANT thing is this: BE COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT!! Wear something that you absolutely LOVE rocking and feel super comfortable walking around in. This doesn’t mean sweatpants and a baggy tee, but it does mean you should stay away from heels and shoes that will pinch you during the session. 

man and woman hold hands while walking through sage brush park

2. Colors and patterns
I love a good colorful pattern, but during a portrait session, less is usually more. Unless you’re doing a fashion shoot, it’s best to stay away from neon or super bright colors. I recommend more neutral earth or jewel tones. I.E. maroon, navy blue, rust, sage green, etc. Patterns can often distract from your face so you want to pick an outfit that’s similar to the background you’re shooting at. During the session the focus is on your face and the emotions of the moment, rather than on what you’re wearing. If you really want something with a pattern stay closer to soft, muted colors and patterns, and don’t wear something with a logo. 

3. Movement
Like I mentioned earlier, you want to wear something you feel comfortable in! Heels are usually a no-no as they can hurt and are’t always fun to walk in, so I recommend going for dress shoes, flats, sandals, or boots. Long flowy dresses are always a great idea as they can create a lot of movement, but stay away from strapless shirts or dresses that can fall down easily or restrict movement. 

4. Dress for the weather 
If you’re going to the mountains or somewhere that you know it’s going to be cold, wear warm clothes and dress accordingly! Likewise if you’re going to be at a really warm climate you don’t want to be sweating through your cardigan. (P.S. you can absolutely book a shoot at the beach and wear a swimsuit!) 

5. Hair and Makeup 
If you are someone that LOVES getting glammed up and wearing makeup, then it can be a lot of fun to have your hair and makeup professionally done for a photoshoot! However, if you’re someone that’s not used to wearing makeup a lot you may not necessarily feel comfortable wearing way more than you normally do so I want to encourage you to do what makes you feel the most confident. For some that may mean going bare faced and having hair down, and for someone else that could look like getting super glammed up by an MUA. It’s totally up to you and what makes you feel the best! 



6. Props

Props can be a lot of fun to bring to a session and can make your session look super unique! It could be as simple as bringing a hat to wear and play with, or it could look like painting with your S/O and having a blast getting more paint on each other than the canvas. 


7. Outfit Options

Bring multiple outfits to a session so you have a few different options to choose from and your photographer can help you decide what will go best with the environment around you. If you’re wearing nail polish make sure it’s not chipped; otherwise have bare nails with no polish or add a fresh coat of paint to freshen em’ up. 

So let me know, did these tips help plan what to wear for your next photo shoot? And if you’re still struggling, here’s my pinterest board chock full of outfit ideas! 




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