Marina and Tad’s Oregon coast couples session was a dreamy and beautiful day that I will never forget!

I actually met Marina and Tad through Instagram. I was looking for real couples to model for me in a shoot on the Oregon Coast and Marina volunteered as she and Tad were going to be on the coast that weekend anyway! The stars aligned and we all met up for an adventure session on the beach.

Not only did I make some new friends, but I also learned more about Marina and Tad and how they met.

Marina and Tad: The Couple and How They First Met

Marina and Tad met through mutual friends at church. The two were involved in a lot of the same activities, so one day, Marina texted Tad and told him that they should start talking more since they were going to be seeing each other almost every day and it would be nice to have a friend. Tad agreed and a couple of months later he asked Marina out but she said NO! She wasn’t interested in dating at the time so she friend-zoned him.

They continued to see each other for church activities multiple times a week and Tad continued to ask Marina out. After about a year, she finally said yes!

Marina and Tad enjoy spending their weekends traveling around the Pacific Northwest. They are always looking for the best sushi restaurants wherever they go, (much like me) and they always make time to visit the local zoo.

The Oregon Coast is one of their favorite places to visit. Something about the beach and being outside in nature provides the perfect setting to unwind and simply be, and tbh I couldn’t agree more!

Dreamy Couple Photoshoot on Cannon Beach

The day of our couple photos was suuuch a gorgeous spring day! It had rained all week, but we were blessed with sunshine and the most beautiful golden hour light, and if you know me then you know I’m a sucker for that golden hour. It wasn’t nearly as moody or windy as any of us had expected, so it was such a pleasant surprise!

Partway through the shoot, we came across a harmless snake in the grass. I HATE snakes, so I said “NOPE NOPE NOPE” and moved us to a different location. We all laughed about it and, very thankfully, didn’t see any more snakes for the rest of the session.

Hug Point: a Beautiful Beach on the Oregon Coast

Hug Point is a lovely section of Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast’s northern coast. It is located only about an hour and a half drive from Portland, making it an easy destination to get to.  The area is filled with jagged rocks and cave formations, making it ideal for adventure photo sessions.

When planning a trip to Hug Point, one thing to keep in mind is the tide levels. When the tide is low, you can access the waterfalls and visit the caves. To check the tide levels for Hug Point, click here.

We visited the beach at sunset during low tide. Marina, Tad, and I strolled along the beach taking photos while the water reflected off the sand. It was some of the most beautiful scenery and we all watched in awe as the sun disappeared over the horizon.

This dreamy Oregon Coast couples photoshoot was such a magical day and I loved getting to meet Marina and Tad and hear more about their story.

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