This moody couples session took place in the waterfall corridor of Columbia River Gorge at Latourell Falls. Christian and Nicole modeled for me at this beautiful site, and I was so grateful to them as I had always wanted an excuse to get out to the falls and shoot a couples session here.

woman in white dress kisses man in blue suit outside near a waterfall on rocky shores at Columbia River Gorge couples session at latourell falls.

Nicole’s dress train pooled around her like the waterfall itself, the drops of water from the spray like the beads on her dress. Christian’s own deep blue suit stood in contrast to her white, with the spray on his suit dotted like stars in the inky night sky.

Man in blue suit with pink tie kisses woman in wedding dress on the forehead with a waterfall in the background behind them. Couples session at Columbia River Gorge's Latourell falls

Twisted tree branches stretched over us, mist and clouds swirled around like a mystical forest, and green moss covered the cliffs and rocks. It was a moody day that swirled with melancholy and adventure. The warmth of their smiles broke through the clouds, their faces glowing with that sacred joy.

Woman and man embrace, woman is in wedding dress and man is in blue suit. They are standing outside in front of a waterfall. Latourell Falls elopement at Columbia River gorge.

woman in white wedding dress stares smiling at man in blue suit and pink tie on a rocky shore near a waterfall basin. Latourell Falls elopement at Columbia River gorge.

Christian guided Nicole over slippery rocks and mud, paving the way and making sure she always had sure footing.It was so incredibly sweet and stood out to me as he was so thoughtful and showed how considerate and caring they were for each other. They wanted to stay as long as possible to soak up the beauty of the location, and knew that the photos would be incredible. They loved being able to explore the trails with me and agreed that they would love to come back again.

woman in white wedding dress and veil looks lovingly at man in blue suit at Latourell Falls in the Columbia River Gorge.

woman in wedding dress and man in blue suit with pink tie hold hands and smile with their eyes closed in front of Latourell falls in the columbia river gorge.


Woman in white dress kisses man in blue suit on rocky shores at Latourell falls in the Columbia River Gorge

It was a very short walk to the falls itself after driving up to the parking lot, (no parking pass required) but there was a longer trail available to us had we wanted to trek a little more that day.

This shoot was also a collaboration with AW Bridal who sent me the gorgeous wedding dress Nicole is wearing! The Althea dress (pictured) is currently available on their website. Click here or go to to check out this and so many other incredible gowns.

woman in white dress holds hands with man in blue suit in front of a waterfall at columbia river gorge latourell falls.

Keep in mind if you do plan on visiting other falls in the waterfall corridor you may need a timed use permit.

Currently no permits are required for Latourell Falls but pets do need to remain on leash.

For more info on directions and getting to Latourell Falls click here

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