This French Countryside Wedding was so incredible to capture and was made all the more meaningful in that it was my cousin getting married! We had a whole week of revelry and celebration and enjoying so much good french food at this 19th Century Chateau.

Chocolate croissants sit on a white plate on a table with a white tablecloth and orange jam to the right.
A bride's wedding heels sit to the left with a hair pin and earrings up against an old clock

The day started off with delicious fresh croissants and coffee in the downstairs dining area of the chateau, where the groom enjoyed breakfast with his family, and the bride enjoyed her petit dejeuner upstairs in her getting ready suite. They decided to get ready separately, aided by their closest friends and family members. The bridesmaids presented the bride with a box of her favorite things and some sentimental notes that she could treasure on her wedding day which was so sweet to see, and all the ladies got ready together upstairs. 

A best man with white hair adjusts the tie of a groom outside about to get married. both are smiling.

The ceremony took place in the front entrance of the chateau with a beautiful arch of flowers provided by local florist Marie-Claire. 

A white pavilion with two white chairs inside is decorate with pink roses.
Up close view of pink roses on a white pavilion arch.

The first time the groom saw the bride that day was as she was walking down the aisle, accompanied by her mother, and the groom’s joy at seeing his bride was so infectious that everyone in the audience was grinning from ear to ear! 

A groom stands outside smiling.
A mother in pink stands next to her daugher and future son in law at a wedding ceremony.
bride and groom embrace and kiss in front of gathered friends and family outside in front of arch.

As soon as the ceremony finished all the guests gathered on the steps of the chateau to toss rose petals as the bride and groom made their way down, receiving all the well wishes and congratulations of their family and friends around them! 

people gather on steps of chateau and throw rose petals towards bride and groom
bride and groom smile as rose petals are thrown and descend around them with family and friends smiling on the sides

After the ceremony it was time for family portraits which took place nearby against a beautiful wall of green ivy, with deliciously cool cocktail refreshments available nearby. 

women in different dresses gather outside in front of ivy wall with bride in center
men gather around groom outside in front of ivy covered chateau

After family photos were finished guests could gather around the table inside for an amazing spread featuring provolone hams and creamy french cheeses! 

Outside they could enjoy the yummy signature cocktails and wine and relax beneath the parasol tables provided by the Chateau. 

small mini easel displays names of signature cocktails
view of dinner set up in courtyard of chateau in france

Dinner was an incredible affair with serving dishes passed around the table and the most mouthwatering french desserts you’ve ever seen! Everyone was having so much fun, and it was so wonderful to see the families blending together with so many guests coming from different reaches of the globe to attend. 

Plates and cutlery are laid out on table with rose centerpiece
A long table is set up with plates and cutlery with multiple rose centerpieces
bride and groom smile holding hands as they enter reception area in courtyard
men and women smile and wave napkins around as bride and groom are announced
men and women are seated at a long dining table eating dinner together and chatting
french pastries sit on a plate held by a server

I snuck away with the bride and groom to get some golden hour portrait photos, and to also give them some private time together to chat about the day and how happy they were with how the day had gone. We explored the grounds of the chateau, with one of my favorite spots being the bamboo grove towards the entrance. 

bride and groom stand on steps of chateau smiling at each other
bride and groom stand on steps of chateau in front of blue door as groom kisses bride's head
bride and groom stroll through a grassy field hand in hand smiling at each other.
bride and groom face away from camera and walk down gravel path with the groom holding the bouquet
groom and bride face away from the camera holding hands in grove of bamboo as they look at each other lovingly.

After golden hour portraits finished we headed back to start the dancing, the bride and groom had their first dance together and then opened up the dance floor to everyone else to get the party started! 

man and woman stand in a room full of their friends as they enjoy their first dance as a married couple
bride smiles up at groom as they hold hands and dance with the people around them also dancing
woman and bride dance excitedly in this black and white photo with guests dancing nearby

There was about 4 days of festivities that happened with everyone arriving the day before for a pizza lunch to meet all the other guests, and the day after the wedding we all came back together to the Chateau to enjoy the most wonderful Fish n’ chips from a local food cart called Le Petit Poisson, and the next day was spent exploring the nearby town of Ribérac. 

This was such an incredible wedding to attend and I was so glad I could be a part of my cousins’ wedding this day to capture all the love and excitement. 

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Interior room decorated with chairs and large ornate mirror in a french chateau.
a hair pin, rings, and heels are displayed outside on a stone plinth
Interior view of french chateau with sofas and chairs and Moroccan rug.
Two rings sit nestled atop one another on a bouquet of roses.
Interior view of sofa in french chateau

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