Andrea and Daniel had the most incredible Oregon Coast elopement last fall and if you know me, you KNOW I loveeee any opportunity to head to the coast 😍These two were truly the perfect example of dancing in the rain and making the best of any weather, because we got the moodiest day ever and they absolutely loved it. So excited to share photos of this dreamy day spent adventuring around Ecola State Park + Haystack Rock, a.k.a. two icons of the Oregon Coast!

man in a suit and woman in a wedding dress run on beach smiling with haystack rock in the background

Andrea + Daniel’s Moody Oregon Coast Elopement

A dark and moody day on the coast

I know that not everybody loves the rain, but when you elope in the PNW (especially along the coast), it’s kinda just something you have to prepare for. And prepare these two did—Andrea and Daniel were very excited to have a moody elopement at the coast, so every little piece of their day, down to the smallest of details, totally matched the dark vibes that the coast was giving off 🔥

They spent the morning of their elopement day getting ready separately, on different floors at the same Airbnb, and then met up in the backyard for a first look. I was DYING over this vibrant red tree in the middle of all the greenery alongside the house—it was the most perfect place for them to have this private moment together and really start their day off on a beautiful note! Andrea and Daniel had told me beforehand that they really wanted to do some Victorian-era style vintage portraits, so we had a little fun playing around with those before heading out for their ceremony.

We got suuuper lucky that it was raining heavily while they were getting ready, but then the rest of the day it was just the perfect amount of clouds to look moody in the photos. I don’t know if we even felt a single drop of rain during the times we were outside!

floral bouquet lies on a wooden table with green leaves, red, purple, and white flowers

The dreamiest fall elopement details

I’m alwayssss a sucker for fall elopements; the way that the PNW foliage transitions from light to dark, the way that the air shifts from a light summer breeze to a foreboding, stormy wind is kinda thrilling, and the COLORS of fall are simply to die for. Andrea and Daniel took full advantage of the fact that they were eloping in the fall and curated the dreamiest collection of fall-inspired details: a burgundy suit for Daniel, an emerald green ring box for Andrea, a bridal bouquet exploding with striking jewel tones + vibrant green foliage. . . I could not handle all of it. Even the shoes they picked out featured deep shades of brown and plum red to match the vibe! You truly can never go wrong with jewel tones like these, especially when you’re eloping somewhere with a pretty neutral backdrop where they can really stand out, like the coast.

two pairs of doc marten boots sit on stairs with bouquet of flowers on step behind them

A private Ecola State Park elopement ceremony in the trees

Andrea and Daniel actually flew out from California for their big day, and had no family attend, as they wanted it to be a true elopement and to keep it intimate. I loved that they went with the option that felt most authentic to them, and that allowed them the space to freely express themselves + explore the coast without having to worry about the opinions of anybody else! These two have literally known each other since they were in first grade, and have been obsessed with each other every since they started dating when they were 25—so it’s safe to say they knew exactly what they wanted + what they were envisioning together.

So when we arrived at their elopement ceremony spot in Ecola State Park, there was nothing around us but the sound of seagulls flying above us, the waves crashing on the shore below, and the leaves rustling among the trees that towered overhead. They had scoped out a trail the day prior and had found this spot in the forest, which ended up being such a dreamy spot to exchange their vows! And because they wanted to keep it completely private, they found witnesses on the trail after their vow exchange and I offiicated for them. It was so great being able to do this for them so that they didn’t have to hire a separate officiant, and have one more person at their ceremony!

man in suit and woman in white wedding gown embrace and kiss surrounded by green forest

Romantic Haystack Rock elopement portraits on the beach

One of my favorite parts of the day was when we all stopped at a brewery for lunch. Your elopement is YOURS, so it can literally be structured however you want it to be—take as many food breaks as you need! After fueling up, we made our way down to the beach for some elopement portraits at Haystack Rock (a.k.a. one of the most recognized landmarks in the entire PNW). Haystack looks absolutely stunning rain or shine, and in this case, we got to enjoy a magical misty afternoon walking along the shore, admiring the rock from afar as the tide was pretty high, and taking endless portraits of the newlyweds being adorable and romantic AF. I could NOT get over just how magical Andrea looked in her gown, with the train blowing so majestically in the wind + across the sand 😍And her veil blowing in the breeze?! She and her new hubby made my job wayyyy too easy.

Finally, we drove back to Andrea and Daniel’s Airbnb for a cake cutting, where they enjoyed a delicious pistachio and guava cake to wrap up the day on a high (and super sweet) note. It was the cutest little personal cake and made for SUCH a fun end to their already incredible day! This is why I always recommend renting a cozy Airbnb for your elopement: so you have a warm, welcoming place to go back to and relax in at the end of the night 💜

Oregon Coast elopement vendors

Hair & makeup: Blossom and Beauty

Dress: Luv Bridal

Tuxedo: The Black Tux

Cake: Bee’s Custom Cakes

Flowers: Starflower

5 Tips for Eloping at Ecola State Park

Before you leave, I’ve got a few tips for eloping at Ecola State Park in case you’re feeling super inspired by this breathtaking coastal elopement (I know I still am)!

  1. If you’re ONLY doing a vow exchange at Ecola State Park, no permit is needed other than the regular parking permit. However, you will need a Special Use Permit if you want to set up any chairs!
  2. I highly recommend taking advantage of all the diverse landscapes that the Oregon Coast has to offer. If you spend some time exploring, you’ll find waterfalls, lush forests, cool caves, massive sea stacks, tidepools, and soooo much more. Take your time adventuring around and checking out different beaches + areas; you can get to a lot of amazing spots just by driving a few miles outside of Ecola!
  3. Be prepared for rain and clouds: Sure, there’s a chance you might get a sunny day, but better to prepare for rain and be ready for anything. As you can see throughout this whole blog post, rain and clouds are so magical in their own right; all you gotta do is embrace it (and wear weather-appropriate shoes/jackets, of course)!
  4. If you want to have a totally private ceremony like Andrea and Daniel did, I can officiate for you!! No need to hire somebody separately—take a look at my investment information here, and then let me know once we start chatting that you’re interested in having me officiate as well.
  5. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not take a dip in the ocean for some super fun + romantic Oregon Coast elopement portraits? It won’t be warm water, I can tell you that, but it’ll be SO much fun and will make for incredible memories + such great photos!

Oregon Coast Elopement Photographer

Are you and your partner considering eloping on the Oregon Coast?! If so, I’d freaking LOVE to tag along and guide you through an unforgettable adventure! Reach out to me here, and I’ll be so happy to pass along all of my firsthand Oregon knowledge + expertise to hep you plan the best day ever.

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